What makes us different?

Unlike many traditional mastering studios, we have extensive experience specifically with electronic dance music. There are many aspects of modern EDM that are radically different from any other style of music, and most mastering engineers simply lack the intimate knowledge of these elements. We understand the science of deep powerful bass, punchy drums, and crystal clear melody, and we guarantee that our mastering will let your music live up to its full potential to rock a dancefloor.


Stem VS Stereo?

This is a complex issue which we feel deserves great attention, please see the dedicated section of this site!


Do we only master bass music?

No, we master all kinds of music! While much of our work is on EDM and bass music, we have extensive experience with all types of music from Jazz to Metal to Chamber Music, and everything in between.


Format, specs, etc?

We prefer all projects to be sent to us as 24 bit, 48khz wave or aiff files, with a minimum of 3db of headroom (preferably 6). In cases where this isn’t possible, we are flexible and will accommodate whatever format is required for the project. For stem mastering certain elements may be grouped into a single stem, such as different cymbals, but primary elements such as kick drum, bass, leads, etc. should all be kept as individual stems. If you have specific questions about preparing stems for mastering, please contact us, we would be happy to answer them!


What is our turnaround time?

Typically our turnaround time is 3-5 days, depending on the size of the project. For cases where quick turnaround is required we are generally able to do 24 hr guaranteed turnaround for an additional fee of $10 per song.